Evil Tender Presents: ‘In Reference’

This Friday February 20th 2015 Evil Tender will present their first gallery showing at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, CA titled ‘In Reference’.  We had the pleasure of printing a few of the silk screened pieces which will be on display and for sale both at the gallery and later online directly from Evil Tender.

About the event:



‘In Reference,’ in brief –

The woman walks into the room. She’s watched. Observed. The man behind the canvas asks her to pose and she does. He paints. This woman becomes a huntress. She becomes Wonder Woman. The model leaves but she also stays, her image now on the canvas – her body transformed and given new purpose.

In Reference places model Hattie Watson in front of photographer Holly Burnhams camera, and together they created a series of photographs ready for a gallery wall. Those photographs were then given to a group of illustrators, printmakers, and painters to use as reference material for them to create a piece of their own – to use Hattie and Holly’s images as the beginning for something new.

In Reference explores the relationship between the artist and the subject. The visual conversation that becomes a finished work.

Artists include Jay Shaw, Sonny Day & Biddy Maroney (We Buy Your Kids), Kilian Eng, Richey Beckett, Oliver Barrett, Eric Petersen, Ryan Humphrey, Nikita Kaun, Brett Burnham, Alaina Varrone, Randy Ortiz, Ruben Ireland, Anne Benjamin, Jack Durieux, Kyle Carter, Robert Bowen, boneface, JC Richard, Marc Aspinall, Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff, Jonathan Burton, Helen Bayly


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