Printing Services

Lady Lazarus provides printing, publishing and distribution services for a wide array of clientele including galleries, merchandise companies, retailers, independent artists & musicians. Our focus is on quality art reproduction through the printed medium of silkscreen. The equipment we run, materials we use, our facility, staff, and techniques are all chosen with quality in mind. A high end printed edition can be more than a collectible or promotional material, silkscreen / serigraph prints raise the value of the artwork and message being transmitted. We give each project our attention to detail, keeping artistic intent in mind throughout every step.

Here are some of the services we are able to provide:

  • Pre-Press:  Color separation, color trapping, retouching / rerendering, related digital file preparation work for silkscreen printing
  • Wholesale Printing:  Small to large format flatbed silkscreen / serigraph printing on a variety of flat substrates; most commonly uncoated paper, cotton rag and wood panels
  • Project Finishing & Editioning:  Numbering, trimming, hand deckling, stamping, embossing, certificates of authenticity
  • Distribution & Order Fulfillment:  Bulk & retail shipping solutions with all major carriers, online retail / webstore management, individual order fulfillment
  • Presentation:  Mounting, custom archival framing, display

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